Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Dark Clouds

Indonesia in October to about May is entering the rainy season.Rain is a gift from god.

Rain can make a disaster and to create happiness for all the inhabitants of this world.Overcast is the beginning of rain. But if the wind swept away the clouds so rain will move.

As the rainy season could make floods, landslides, or disease.But all the negative effects of the rainy season could we avoid if we change our bad habits. For example do not litter or in the rivers, mountains to plant bare by the tree, keeping the forest remains green and to avoid dengue fever, get used to living healthy, shower drain, and buried the old stuff or recycle these items .
Hopefully all spared from disaster due to rain.

Credit post:
(c) 2010 All picture by Rudi B. Prakoso
Teks by Rudi B. Prakoso
Location : Bangsalsari - Jember
Event : Foto hunting
Photografer : Rudi B. Prakoso 

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